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Features & Benefits
Why Choose PicCommerce

Picitup's Expertise

PicCommerce is a "visual search" product developed to provide eCommerce leaders such as and continued competitive advantage. With a constant eye to increasing customer engagement and online revenue, many companies attempt to execute this mission-critical ecommerce technology goal internally. PicCommerce is the first commercially available complete visual search solution that delivers the highest levels of precision and usability to delight and impress the most discerning online businesses and customers.

With such demanding industry leaders that rely on Picitup for customer search engagement and accuracy, PicCommerce is constantly becoming more powerful to meet new market requirements and to outperform point solutions. As eCommerce veterans and experts, the Picitup team has the experience and skills to meet the requests and competitive needs you may have now and down the road.



Enhanced Shopper Experience


With PicCommerce, customers who view any product in your eStore can enjoy a shopping experience closer to the sophisticated outfit matching and color coordination experiences in real-life shopping use cases:

  • Search for almost unlimited color combination; just click on the toolbar color tiles.
  • Similar Image—Click "similar image" on a pair of bicycle shorts that are the perfect length. Easily browse all similar items, in this case bicycle shorts, in multiple colors and patterns, to find the perfect color or colors.
  • Similar Color—Click "similar color" on any product and browse all items that have the same color combination. Let shoppers have fun leisurely selecting just the right black and red top.

Customizable Color Search Widget

The PicCommerce color search widget can be customized to match your eStore's design. We currently offer the following designs with ANY background color:


Easy integration with any eCommerce store

Integrating PicCommerce with your eCommerce store requires no coding at all!

In fact, it's as easy as 1-2-3:


Sign up and select toolbar
style and color         
         Select how PicCommerce
will scan your website
         Set up the search widget
in your store by either

1. Side navigation panel

1. Upload your own CSV

1. Installing and configuring
    a Magento plugin

2. Corner-of-screen

2. Use PicCommerce’s
    automatic crawler

2. Pulling product information                from your Magento eStore

3. Bottom toolbar

3. Pull product information
    from your Magento eStore

… and that’s it!

If you have any trouble at all with the setup process, we have a complete documented “getting started” guide available at


Superior Image Recognition Technology 

With the same technology that was selected by eBay,, and, your eStore will be competitively well-positioned in your industry. Picitup was founded five years ago by a team of veteran experienced engineers and strives to provide technology that enables our clients to provide the broadest spectrum of search features:


19 Base colors 
& 320 color tones
Any Color
Similarity to another
product on the store
Matching color with
another product
more search features
are being developed!


Tired of old ticketing systems and long waiting times for support? The PicCommerce team is ready to answer any question you may have on our Facebook Page.

Try us and decide for yourself!

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More features coming soon!

Most of the features we are currently working on are in stealth mode. However, we can tell you that the following features are right around the corner:

  • Fully customizable search box
  • API release

You may also Request-a-feature page to our website in order to keep receiving valuable insights from our clients.