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Welcome to the PicCommerce FAQ

If you are looking for the PicCommerce “getting started” walkthrough, you can find it here. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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 Getting Started

What does PicCommerce do?

PicCommerce allows you to add a color search widget to your eStore quickly and easily. Because PicCommerce will automatically index all the products in your eStore, your customers’ searches via the widget will be served directly by PicCommerce; clicking on any search result will direct your customer to the correct product page.


How does PicCommerce work?

PicCommerce is based on Picitup's image recognition engine used by eBay and The Picitup engine processes images, carefully separates the main object from its background, and accurately extracts its color and shape:


What do I need in order to start using PicCommerce?

You need to have your own eStore to which you can add the color search widget.

How do I set up PicCommerce?

We have provided a complete “getting started” walkthrough of the setup process. It is available here.

Signing up and installing PicCommerce is very simple; No coding necessary.

The following steps are required:

1. Sign Up
2. Select how PicCommerce will scan your website
3. Choose toolbar style
4. Embed toolbar in your store


 eCommerce Platform Plugins

Which eCommerce platform plugins are available with PicCommerce?

Currently, a Magento extension is available and you can download it here.
A Shopify app is currently in development.
If your store is using another eCommerce platform - please use the HTML integration. It is very simple and there is no coding necessary!



Which color search widget designs are available?

The following widget designs are available, with any background color to match your eStore:


How do I customize the look of the color search widget on my store?

You can change widget style and color anytime by logging in to the administration panel and changing the widget style settings. You can change the widget position in your store by configuring the Magento extension (if you are using Magento) or moving the HTML code to a different position in your template.

Can I hire a professional designer to design my eStore’s color search widget?

Yes. With our top plans we provide an option to manually customize the color search widget at an extra cost. See our plans table for more details. In the future, we plan to enhance the editor enabling you to automatically customize more widget features at no extra cost. 

Plans, Pricing and Payment

Can I change plans after signing up?

Of course! You can change plans anytime by logging in to the administration panel and changing the plan settings.

What do I receive during the 60-day trial period?

You get the complete package, no strings attached! If you choose to cancel your subscription at any time, you can do so anytime by logging in to the administration panel and changing the plan settings.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We use the Plimus billing system for secure payment. All payment methods (such as PayPal, Visa, AMEX, MasterCard are accepted).


How do I request a feature?

Use our contact form here.

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